Monday, December 3, 2012

Running 20 Miles

Happy Monday! Can you believe it is December third???

I have the the best husband in the world. I don't mean to brag, but he is awesome! He and I have been gearing up for a 20 mile run. I think the biggest challenge is setting your mind up to do it.. Emotionally, you have to have your head wrapped around what it might take to run 20 miles... We had been carb loading, eating good and resting.

On a side note, my husband started running in August.. I can't believe how far he has come. It's crazy that he started running a couple of miles and is now at 20! He is proof that anyone can do this!! He made a commitment to make sure I was safe while training and running for this marathon.. He did not want me to have any seizures while training and running the race, especially where dehydration is concerned. Failure and CAN'T aren't in his vocabulary!

We woke up Saturday morning bright and early, ready to go! The weather was perfect conditions for Michigan weather. Usually, we see snowflakes around this time of the year and at some point we will get hit hard with snow, but not yet.. We have had minimal snowflakage this year, which makes me sad.. I love a little snow for Christmas, but I am super HAPPY that we haven't had any during our long runs... This has been the best weather to train for a marathon.. I am super pleased.. 

We completed it yesterday, it was very slow, but it is finished. I am not really looking for a record time with this marathon.. My biggest goal is to FINISH! I think that is the most   important goal is to finish standing :)

Either way, 20 is done.. We have 1 more long one and the taper begins! Such a great feeling.. Yah... We survived TRAINING! 

Photo: Holy cow. 20 miles of running is a great (and painful) way to start the weekend. I'm so thankful for my running partner who just so happens to be my inspiration. Love you Sarah!

What upcoming races are you training for ??? 


Two Runners Travel said...

Great job on your 20. It is tough getting through the super long runs, but the payoff will be wonderful! Have a great week!

Britt said...

Sarah! Great job!! You did it! That is the sweetest thing that your Husband is doing! He could have told you that you should not race, but instead he's working very hard to make your dreams possible! Good job!

Krystle said...