Saturday, December 29, 2012

After Christmas Special

Have you been searching for the ONE decoration to complete your Christmas decorations?? My husband and I have been on a mission to find a Christmas tree topper..

Do you know how hard it is to find one that is decent????

Each year we have looked for one, I have either found the angels to be ugly or scary. The star toppers are multi-colored or are made cheaply. When we find one and purchase it, we then realize it is battery operated and therefore, must be returned.. Battery operated is no good! Who wants to keep reaching to the top of the tree to turn on the topper?? Not to mention all the cost in batteries..

This year, we were on a mission to find the perfect Christmas topper.. I didn't think it was going to happen...

Then.. we got a phone call from a couple we babysit who asked us to stop by on Christmas Eve.. They had a gift they wanted to give us.. Once we were over there, we began talking about tree toppers.. I just loved their Angel.. Shirley told me they purchased their tree topper at Macy's..

I told Drew, after church we are going to stop by Macy's before our annual Christmas Eve party at my parents house.. When we left church and got to Macy's, they had just closed!!!!
 We missed their closing by 7 minutes.. I was bummed and new I would not be able to find an Angel..

Drew and I decided on Christmas night that we would get up early the day after Christmas to see if we could find a tree topper..

We headed over to Macy's bright and early.. To our surprise, we found a tree topper on top of a display model.

Drew guarded the tree, while I went to get a store employee to help.. I am sure glad we got up early for our angel.. An employee came over and took it down for us.. He informed us it was 75% off and that made me more excited..


We went to the cash register and it rang up $90.00.. WHAT!??
 I thought it was 75% off? The sales woman proceeded to tell us that it was still ringing up normal price and I informed her about what the sales man who took it off the tree said about it being 75% off.. 

I thought for sure it wasn't going to happen..

The saleswoman called a manager who said it was okay to give it to us 75% off.. {insert sigh of relief} She was only $22...

Our search for the perfect tree topper is over...

What has been the one Christmas decoration you have searched for??



I need a silver tree shirt!! Erica

Sarah said...

Ooh.. I bet that is hard to find!

Britt said...

I got a tree topper this year too! But you know that already! Every year, Nick and I buy a new "E" ornament. Now that we have a theme, it'll be harder every year because I'll want to keep it in the red/silver theme.

Erica - have you thought about making one? My mom made one out of sequin material!

Sarah said...

Britt, I love the tradition of looking for an "E" ornament.. I think we might start that looking for an "S" ornament! Thanks for a great idea! Love it!