Sunday, November 4, 2012

What happened October?

As we head into November, I can't believe we are already here... I want to look back at my October goals and head into November with a solid plan! 

Here are my goals from October and here is what happened!!

 Personal Goals:

1) Stop eating processed sugars.
It just didn't happen.. I got better, but Halloween came.. Enough said.
2) Finish reading the book 7
3) Pay more then the minim. on a debt related item- car or student loan
We paid an extra $700 towards a loan this month! We only have $1400 to go on this loan!
4) Take more pictures this month.
Not enough.
5) Blog 3x a week.
Didnt happen. No excuses!

Fitness Goals:
1) Drop 5 pounds.
2) Hydrate 75 ounces of water each day.
Didn't accomplish this, but did a good job at trying...
3) Try 2 different kinds fuel foods before long runs.
I haven't been super good about utilzing different types of fuels before long runs... It's frustrating to get up so early to eat, go back to be and then wake up and run..
4) Read 1 running book.
This didn't happen.. I started reading, but didn't get finished :(
5) Finish a 17 mile run.
We finished a 17 mile run! I am so proud of my husband and I.. Huge accomplishment!

6) Get rid of this nasty cold! 
The cold finally went away with lots of rest, vitamin C and fluids! YAY!

My October wasn't the most goal oriented month, but I got the big things in and spent a lot of time getting things organized.. Hopefully, November will be more solid!

November Goals:


1) Spend this month being grateful.
2) Spend more time with family.
3) Relax more this holiday season.


1) Get a 20 mile run in.
2) Yoga 3 x this month
3) Read a running book

With my crazy busy job, I know I will be lucky to hit a 20 mile run and maybe to read 1 running book this month.. The holiday season is already starting off very busy. Next weekend, I have a holiday family Christmas party! The madness is already beginning. 

[Crazy hair after a run]

 What are your goals for this month????


Jayme Riley said...

I definitely want to watch my eating this month- the holidays always get me!

Sarah said...

oh, I know.. I always put on the pounds.. I love sugar christmas cookies..