Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shoe Woes

As a runner, shoes are vital to performance, reduction in injury and stability on the road. I have been dealing with trying to find the right shoes for months. I have tried on several pairs and tried them out on the road and have just not found the right ones. It has been frustrating! 

It has messed with my knees, my feet and even my mental strength. Since I could not find a pair, I kept running in my old pair, which I knew wasn't good for my knees, but I wasn't left with much choice.. This past Saturday, I decided to try the frustrating journey all over again.. 

After going to the running store and being fitted for shoes, I walked out empty handed. My current shoes are the Saucony Pro Grid Guide 4..  See below.. 

I used to run Asics, but switched because Saucony has a wider toe box. You see I don't have wide feet, but Asics has been making their toe box a lot smaller and my feet swell during long runs. I have found that if the toe box is slightly bigger, my feet don't hurt as bad after a long run.

I made the switch to Saucony right before Riverbank in April and loved these shoes.. Well, after researching a lot yesterday, these shoes are no longer made, but Saucony has the Pro grid Guide 5 out, which had a somewhat wide toe box, it is smaller than the Pro Grid guide 4, but still bigger than Asics. However, Saucony Pro Grid Guide 5 will soon be retiring and moving on to the next level.

Upon all the frustration with running shoes, I decided that I had to upgrade to the next pair, despite the slightly smaller toe box. I bought two pairs. I was lucky enough to find one pair in my size at a local sports store. They were only $65, normally $110.  I was able to order another pair on Amazon for $62.

{Pair 1}
{Pair 2}

 I am so thankful to say the shoe journey is over! After all this frustration, I am considering buying several pairs of this shoe, because I don't want the toe box to keep getting smaller and smaller. It made me so angry when ASICS switched and now I see slowly Saucony is going that way.. I don't like it and think shoe companies need to make slight adjustments to shoes or make two different shoes, one with a larger toe box and one with a smaller one.. Sigh..

What shoes do you run in?? Is it crazy to buy a couple pairs of your favorite running shoes to ensure that you will have shoes you like??


Jayme said...

I run in Brooks GTS Adrenalines-- I would totally buy a few pair if I could find them at a good deal!

Melanie Eccles said...

I wear the same as Jayme (above) lol

Sarah said...

Oohh, I will have to look into these...