Sunday, November 25, 2012

MRI Messes X2

I wish they would let me take pictures of me in the MRI tube.. That would be way cool, but you can't even go near the machine with your little locker key..  I totally get why, but I just would like my picture!
I had one MRI on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Tech freaked the crap out of me.. 

Tech- " so we're looking to rule out MS right?" Me- "yes".. (I'm freaking out in my head).  Tech- "Have you been diagnosed before?" Me- "No." Tech- "lets get started then."   Um, so my doctor never said it could be a real possibility, he was just treating me for a possible Tick Bite, so does he think it's MS?? Wanted to pee my pants...

Tech and I begin to talk about MRI- I tell him I am having an MRI on the head and neck because you have to verify what you're being seen for... He then proceeds to tell me I am mistaken and am only having 1 MRI for the head.. I tell him my doctor ordered two and he tells me he cannot find the orders.. GAH! 

Into the tube I go and start the MRI. It takes about 40 minutes with a series of loud noises, vibrations and major sensory overload. Then I come out for some contrast dye and back in the tube. This lasts for about another 10 minutes. I come out of the tube dizzy, not having a lot of feeling to my fingers and the tech tells me they found the orders, but did not have all the correct information and that I would need to re-schedule for my Neck MRI.

Upon re-scheduling, I cannot have another MRI the same day due to the contrast dye, but they had an early morning appointment on BLACK FRIDAY..

Thursday MRI:

Well, I missed Black Friday, (truthfully, I wasn't looking for anything special) but had my MRI. Now, we wait until Monday to see what the Neurologist says after he reads both MRI'S.

Even though I didn't get out on Black Friday morning, I took advantage of a couple of online deals.. I love DVD's but refuse to purchase them full price. I always wait till Black Friday and stock up on my favorites.. I was able to get a couple off Amazon and I went to Target later yesterday where my mom bought the movie Brave for Christmas :)

How was your black Friday? Did you score any sweet deals? Stay home and do nothing??  Have you had an MRI?


Two Runners Travel said...

I hope your results are good. Sorry about the ordeal and the second fun.

Krystle said...

Oh goodness! Hoping things are the lesser version of this story....praying!

Unknown said...

Awwe. Thanks for all your love and support.. Let's hope this is just some weird infection. Thanks for your prayers Krystle!

Britt said...

Hey, read your post yesterday, but ran out of time to comment. I think it would be sweet to get a picture of you in the MRI.

No I haven't ever had one, but I once developed my own Xrays; that was cool!

what was your other question? if it was about Black Friday, I bought a laptop for my mother-in-law for Christmas, and got season 5 of Big Bang Theory for $8.99.

Hope your results show something that is fixable so you can go back to a normal life!