Thursday, November 15, 2012

Middle of the Month Goal Review

As I am trying to become less goal oriented, I still want to stay on track with my goals. I thought it would be great to see where I am at in the middle of the month..

Here are my Goals:


1) Spend this month being grateful.
2) Spend more time with family.
3) Relax more this holiday season.


1) Get a 20 mile run in.
2) Yoga 3 x this month
3) Read a running book

Where I am at:


So far this month, I have been posting what I am grateful for each day on FB and Twitter! It means a great deal to me and has kept me positive/ grateful each day for something different. It is teaching me a valuable lesson.

I have been spending more quality time with my family and husband. 

I have also been slowing down a lot, which is partially do to not feeling up to my normal self. This medical garbage has taken a lot out of my body and has made me relax more.


Have not got a 20 mile run in, but am proud of my 17.5. I really tried, but my body could not go any farther.. Sigh..

I have went to yoga 2x this month.

I started reading a running book, but that is where I am at..

I look on course for finishing my November goals! We will

 see!!  How are you doing in the middle of the month??

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