Sunday, November 11, 2012

Medical Drama

For the past two weeks I have been having some numbness and severe pain in my legs, feet, arms and fingers. I've had some neck and low back pain too. Originally  I thought I was suffering from a pinched nerve. Upon going to the Chiropractor on Thursday for an adjustment, the pain wasn't subsiding enough for me. Thursday night I had enough pain and went to the ER, which was a huge mistake.

When I went to the ER, the doctor was clearly unqualified, didn't care and did not listen to any of my symptoms. I even fought for more testing or a MRI, but he would not budge. He told me I would be pushing people who were waiting two or three weeks for their appointment. 

I told him the reason I came to the ER was to figure out what was going on and get some relief because I could not take the pain anymore. He told me I needed to follow up with my regular physician and that I was not an emergency!  Really? I can't feel my feet or legs. .When I do, they are in severe pain!! Something is wrong, idiot! 
Luckily for me, I know a Physician Assistant who said my symptoms were anything but normal and prescribed me an Antibiotic until I could get in with my doctor to see what was going on. Her concern was the fact that I am a big runner and wondered if I was bit my a tick or spider?? Whaaa?? If not a serious insect bite, being on an antibiotic would not kill me, but would sure prevent anything from permanent damage.

So, Friday I took the first round and by Saturday I was able to run 17.5 mile! I really wanted 19 or 20, but the body couldn't do it.. I had to stop! I was disappointed and probably could have pushed through, but I really needed to rest.. I couldn't keep going. Every six miles, we stopped home to refuel, go to the bathroom, eat and take a few minutes to make sure my body was doing okay.. 

I probably pushed myself a little farther than I should have this weekend, but the weather was in the 50's, which is under heard of for the mitten at this time of the year!! I was very excited and was not going to spend Saturday resting. BORING! 

Tomorrow, I have a doctors appointment, will keep you posted on his recommendations..

I'm in some pain today, but am resting... Have you ever felt numbness and tingling in your body?? Do you know anyone who has experienced this before??? What was their outcome??



Wow! I haven't had or heard of this but I do agree its not right! I just recently found out why I haven't felt well and was so tired.....Acid reflux! Crazy I know! After taking meds I feel so much better so just keep pushing the doctors until they find out why you feel this way.

Jogging on Coffee said...

Wow, so sorry to hear you're having a rough time :( I've never experienced anything like that and I certainly hope it's something that can easily be fixed! Take care!

Britt said...

I was totally going to suggest a chiropractor, but you already did that.....

ER docs are stupid! Did they give you any pain meds? There are pain meds for nerve pain specifically they could prescribe....

Unknown said...

They only prescribed Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers! Ridiculousness! I went to my doc and am going to post an update. .Thanks for all of your love :)