Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Christmas Party, Already?

Being apart of a large extended family, it can be difficult to get together for the holidays during the month of December or even January. Every year, the Storm family Christmas party is moved or cancelled because someone usually get sick or cannot get together. .It can be hard to coordinate with a large family..

This year, we squeezed it in before Thanksgiving and everyone was able to attend.. I have to wonder if this will become the new tradition? Will we have family Christmas before Thanksgiving??

 This guy is a nut! He makes me laugh my butt off.. I am so thankful for all the fun we have!!
 Oh, my new soon to be sister-in-law brings all the fun during family Christmas gatherings.
 Look at these cute kiddos! Wondering if wedding bells are in the future for Andy and Whitter?
Wouldn't be Christmas without holding a baby?? Baby Peyton has gotten so big! Had so much fun holding her and she was bouncing around like a monkey! 

We had a good time as a family and I am glad to have to fit one less party into the month of December.

What family Christmas traditions does your family have??

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Jogging on Coffee said...

Haha, well at least you got a family Christmas, better early than never?!? lol
I have a big extended family too and we always get together Christmas Eve, it is definitely one of my most cherished traditions!