Monday, November 12, 2012

Doctor Appointment Update

This afternoon, I went to have a follow up with my doctor about the recent events from over the weekend.. Thankfully, I have a decent family doctor who spent 45 minutes with me asking  questions, testing my coordination, balance and muscle tone. He listened to me the entire time, told me that I had some unusual symptoms and has a plan! I was very eager to hear his plan, thoughts and ideas on this whole mess.

His first thought.. A tick bite!! Sound familiar?? He asked me a lot of questions related to symptoms of Lyme Disease as well as Multiple Sclerosis. I'm hopeful that the antibiotics will continue to work and the pain will go away... Let's hope this was a tick bite or some kind of insect... If it was, I hope they can find him... Otherwise, I don't know what to think about all of this.. It can be overwhelming when you try to wrap your head around everything. I hate medical stuff, but I have faith that this will work together for good.

In the meantime, my doctor is scheduling an MRI of the brain and spinal cord/ back. We are hoping it shows something, so we can decide where to go further. We are awaiting for my insurance to okay the testing and then it will be set up. I am glad to have a plan and feel much more calm about this whole process. I also being referred back to my neurologist to see if he has any ideas or further testing he would like to do as we watch this process unfold..

This doesn't in anyway mean that I am not going to run the 2013 Disney Marathon. Drew and I have been working at this since July and are not about to give up. Even if the doctor is to pull the plug, I will still run this thing, even if its slow or even if I have to walk the mileage... It will get done ..  Our plane tickets, hotel, park tickets and marathon entries have been paid. I want this medal! This is the biggest goal on my bucket list! 

The frustrating thing of all this, it's going to cost us a butt load of $$.. Sad face.. Student loans and car debt will once again get put on the back burner... 

Despite all of this, I am trying to focus my attention on other things.. I really want this running skirt for the marathon?? I am debating the size on this.. Medium or large? I am not sure.. It's a bit pricey too, but has shorts underneath.. 

Thanks for all of your well wishes, thoughts and prayers as we go through this journey! Love to all of you! 

Ps.. What do we think about this skirt? Worth $65??


Britt said...

I think it's worth $65 if you wear it more than just at Disney!!! Could you make one for cheaper??

Jayme said...

I think it's cute-- would you wear it to other races? Worth it if you would. I hope you hear good things from your doctor soon!

Sarah said...

Britt, I wish I could make it.. I'm not that handy.. Plus, it has wicking material, that could be really expensive to buy.. Do you make clothing?

Jayme, thank you for the well wishes! I will keep you posted!