Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas! I love Disney! Put Disney and Christmas together, I am one happy girl! Drew and I put up our Holiday decorations! I am so excited for the Christmas Season! I cannot wait to start making Christmas cookies! YUM!

            Can you find the hidden Mickeys in our Christmas tree??? We have a bunch!!! Let me let you in on a little secret about our Disney tree.. All of our ornaments are from Disney World. We have very few Disney Ornaments that are not from Disney World. I am kinda picky. If they aren't from Disney World, they have to be super cute. I don't like knock off Disney Ornaments. HA!

I thought I would show you a few of my FAVORITE decorations!

 One of my favorite Christmas Ornaments! I love Crush and Squirt from Finding   Nemo!

                                        Dumbo's big ears are just way coool! 

                 Chip and Dales heads bob up and down! Every tree must have these guys inside! 

 My first Disney ornament from my boyfriend, now husband! Tigger is my favorite          Disney Character! This is from his first Disney World trip!  It is so very special to me...

 These Mickey candle holders were purchased when Drew and I went to Disney World at Christmas! I highly recommend going at Christmas time.. Disney is magical all year, but it so magical during Christmas! I love Christmas at Disney.. It is a little cold there sometimes..

My last favorite item is this Tigger nutcracker! Drew bought this for me during our "First" Christmas! It is very special to me. Although it isn't from Disney, it is super stinking cute and fit the criteria for non- Disney World items... 

What are you favorite Christmas decorations? Do you have any special ornaments? Disney ones?



Jogging on Coffee said...

Cute decorations :) I always buy Christmas decorations when I travel and those are my favorites!

Britt said...

I love the nut cracker!!

I have only been to Disney once, but I went Dec 26th- January 3rd. It was a pretty wonderful time to go!! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

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