Friday, November 30, 2012

Closing out on November Goals

Happy TGIF! I am so excited for the weekend.. I have a 4 day weekend, but will be completing work at home, so it's not exactly 4 days off, but it's better than being at work! This weekend I am looking forward to a long run, making some Christmas cookies doing a little Christmas shopping and reading a good book. Do you have a huge plans? Christmas parties coming up??

I wanted to update myself and all of you on my November goals.. It allows me to stay accountable and keep moving forward this journey of life. 

Here are my Goals 


1) Spend this month being grateful.
I spent the entire month posting all of things I am thankful for on FB. It really allowed me to see that despite crappy days at work or health related issues, I have a lot of good in my life and I need to be thankful. Despite some major financial pressure from the medical related expense, It has open the door for me to give more away.. Very interesting how that works.

2) Spend more time with family.
I spent more of the month with my family. Not just for Thanksgiving, but through out the month. Sometimes, family means just me and my husband.. Or my parents or sister.. Either way, my bucket feels full of family.

3) Relax more this holiday season.
I have done a lot of relaxing this month. A lot of the medical issues have forced this goal. My husband and I have done a lot of fun date night things... We have made root beer floats, watched Christmas Movies, put up the Christmas tree, read some books and have gone to holiday events.. It has been very nice and casual.


1) Get a 20 mile run in.
A 20 mile run did not happen this month. I got as far as 17.5 miles! Dang that is great, but I have been really struggling with these long runs, especially for marathon weekend at Disney.. My main goal is to finish. Time is not important to me. As a first time marathon runner, I have no expectations for a PR, my PR will be finishing the race.. After all of this training, I can tell my body is exhausted and these long runs are long! We have a 20 miler tomorrow.. Gonna try to go and get it done!!!

2) Yoga 3 x this month

Yep, I got yoga in 3x! Wahoo!!! 

3) Read a running book

I started a running book, but have not finished.. It is still sitting on my nightstand.. Somehow a few other books took priority.. Imagine that?

Goals met: 4/6! I'll take it!! 

What are your weekend plans? How did your November goals come out?

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