Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Karen Kingsbury Collection

I had the opportunity to review Three Novels in One from Karen Kingsbury through Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Company. I was very excited at the opportunity to be able to review this book. I am a fan of Karen Kingsbury books, so reading this series was no surprise at how good all three of these books would be.

I am going to give a snip-it of each book, because if I gave my complete opinion  this post would be super long..

Where Yesterday Lives:
When children lose their father, siblings can either bind together or fall apart. A son, four daughters and a grieving mother are forced to deal with the dysfunction of their family. In the story of Where Yesterday Lives, Ellen one of daughters is going though a difficult marriage and is tempted to re-unit with her long lost love. Finding the love of her life, makes the temptation so great, Ellen can barely stand it face it all, especially as her family crumbles. Can Ellen fix her marriage? Will her family pull together in a time of need?

When Joy came to Stay:
Maggie Stovall is a woman who on the outside appears to have her life together. On the inside, Maggie is dying and wants help. Slowly, she finds herself in a dark cycle and its leading her into depression. The depression becomes debilitating and her marriage is hanging on a by a thread. Her husband, Ben is trying desperately to understand what is happening with Maggie and trying to be supportive. This story will be an inspiration to anyone who is struggling with depression or is wondering how to help someone who is. This book will leave you feeling emotionally drained as you walk through this book, but it will give you a clear understanding of how depression affects everyone involved.

On Every Side:
In Bethany PA, a long standing stature of Jesus in Jericho Park airs on National Television causing Jordan Riley, at attorney fighting human rights and God demands the statue be removed. Faith Evans is a newscaster who believes the statue should stay standing in the park. She puts her career at risk for something she believes in. Jordan begins to realize that Faith was his long lost best friend who he was in love with. Can Jordan find God and let the statue go? Will Faith lose her job or find the love her life? 

This book had many great themes and messages. As always, you can expect an inspiring story and tears from Karen Kingsbury novels.  This would be a great gift for a Christmas gift to someone you know who loves Karen Kingsbury novels.

Thank you Waterbrook for allowing me the opportunity to review this book.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE KAREN KINGSBURY BOOKS!! I have probably read almost all of them!! They are my all time favorite!