Sunday, October 7, 2012

When things don't go as planned...

Happy Sunday! I can't believe it's October 7th!!! Wow??? Two months till Christmas! Time is flying !

This weekend was my Husband's Birthday!! We celebrated in several different ways yesterday!! 

First, we attempted a 15 mile run.... In the mitten, it is very cold here! Temps were in the 40's yesterday morning with high wind gusts and spitting rain! Honestly, I thought it might snow..  The leaves are changing colors and it's beautiful, except for the grey skies..

The first six miles, I told myself if we get through six, I will be happy, since the weather was so cold.. During the first six miles, I listened to a great podcast by Joyce Meyer on our words and how words can be so powerful. It was a great listen.. It challenged me to stop complaining because I am so blessed!!!

The wind was so cold, I had a long sleeve shirts, my winter running coat, pants and a hat.. That wasn't enough.. The weather was so unpredictable that after our first six mile loop, we stopped home to get headbands, winter hats and gloves to cover our FREEZING ears & hands!! 

After we stopped home, I felt a lot more warmer and was ready to continue the next 9 miles.. I was determined to make the full 15 miles.... I felt more confident and was excited. The wind continued to pick up and we endured spitting rain, but we kept going.. My legs started to cramp up and I could tell my body was not functioning as usual.. My breathing got worse, my knees were screaming at me and my husband's feet were hurting... 

My body was still trying to recover from being sick from the past two weeks.. The crud is going around at school and everyone I talk to or read about on FB is sick...

 Upon coming to the end of our 12 miles, I told my husband I could push and go the other 3, but it would be painful and really slow...  Or we could walk the final 3, didn't matter to me..

After heing and hawing we decided to head for home..  Was I disappointed? Yes! Am I mad? No... Just was excited about the idea of only having 3 more long runs, now I have to adjust our schedule, but that is okay..

After our long run we went out to Red Robin, took a nap and headed to my parents to see my sister and her boyfriend! She is a junior and it was Homecoming!!

Drew and I had a great Saturday celebrating his birthday! Disappointed in our run, but glad it's over and hoping my body will get stronger and healthier soon!!

What fitness goals have disappointed you?? How did you pick yourself back up???

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Britt said...

I don't have any fitness goals so you're doing just great! it's not your fault the weather didn't cooperate with your run! I'm sure it would have been easier if it was a nice fall day!