Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stigma against Walking

As a runner, I have learned that you have to experiment with your running to find the best solution for you. Some people run fast, some people run slow, but isn't it all the same??? As long as your out there running and improving your health, isn't that what counts??

Some runners would agree that walking makes you just as much a runner, as the the guy who runs the entire time..  Others may argue that walking doesn't make you a true runner and may even be shocked to here that you walk... Why is there a stigma attached with walking breaks???

I have a different opinion.. 

As a runner, I have found that I run faster if I take a 30 sec or 1 minute walk after every 10 minutes of running. Slowing down allows me to concentrate on my breathing and even makes me faster than pushing through a super slow pace when the mileage gets long..  I had not trained this way until this past January when I was training for Riverbank (15.5 miles).. By doing this, I actually ran faster by 15 minutes, which is incredible!!! 

I have found that walking works for me and my body. It allows my body to slow down and then get back out there running hardcore.. I am proud of it! I don't think it is something to be ashamed of and if people out there think its awful, then trying training for a Marathon and tell me what you think.. It's not as easy as it looks..
Would I love to run the entire time? Yes, but it isn't the best for my body.. I have found my pace can be incredibly slow, especially when I get into the deeper mileage.. I can go from a 10-11 minute pace to a 14-15 minute pace if I don't slow down...

Why is there such a stigma against WALKING?? I don't understand it..

Saturday, my husband and I ran 17 miles... This is the farthest I have ever gone as a runner.. We are training for our first marathon at Disney World in January.... The fact we were able to complete despite all odd stacked against us, makes me super proud!! Did I take walking breaks? Yes, and did it suck as a I got towards the end?? Yep. The farther the miles went, the easier it was to keep running then walking.. It took more energy to stop and walk, then to keep going, but did the walking breaks help me in the beginning? Yes, totally! The walking breaks kept me motivated, on pace and broke up the distance.. It didn't seem so long then...

I am so proud of our accomplishments this weekend.. My husband has been only running since August! He is a product of I can! When you put your mind to it, anything is possible!!

What do you think about walking breaks?? Are you opposed to them??


Jayme said...

I take them! I find that taking a walking break gives me time to regain focus and push even harder.

Unknown said...

Amen sister!! I agree completely! I just hate how people think you're not a runner if you walk.. Makes me angry!

Jogging on Coffee said...

I'm all for walking breaks! Congrats to you and your hubby on a great run :)

Victoria said...

I'm on the fence about it.

Note: I'm not saying that taking a walking break is bad.

I'm a newbie - a fairly SLOW newbie in comparison to many runners (we're talking 13-14-minute miles), and I've been working toward being able to run 30+ minutes without walking... It's easy to feel a bit ashamed of having to stop to walk, especially when looking at the people around you who seem to thrive without slowing to a walk.

That said, I take walk breaks. I want to improve my running, but hacking a lung because I can't breathe isn't for me ;)