Monday, October 1, 2012

Goal update & Oct. Goals

Happy October! Can you believe we are here? I cannot believe we are already in the month of October! Time flies  by... I wanted to check in with my September goals and see how I did... I am not a huge goal person, but I always want to strive to live the best life possible and goal setting helps me stay focused...

Let's see how I did with my September goals...

Goal 1) To read an entire stack of books...

Goal not met..

Goal 2)  Spend time taking care of myself!
I have done much better at this.. Goal met! 

Goal 3) Spend more time with my husband.

Goal not met.. His job has been giving him tons of overtime.. It didn't happen this month..

Goal 4) Set up a better budget.

Set up a better budget, but haven't done much debt paying.. 

5) Spending more time with people and being less concerned about my personal agenda!
I can't say this has happened.. I try to be more present with people, but sometimes I can't slow down or my job does not get done... 

September Fitness Goals:

1) Get two long runs in for the month.. Would like to accomplish a 11 mile and 13 mile run! 

Did it!! Goal met!

2) Try out a Yoga class 

Goal met! 

3) Lose 3 pounds

Goal not met.
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4) Run 3x time a week 
Goal almost met.. This week I had to miss out on a run, have a cold. I'm gonna say GOAL MET!

5) Foam roll weekly

Didn't buy a foam roller.. sigh...

Met 5/10 goals for the month.. Not bad.. That is half... I am happy with that...

Here are my October Goals:

Personal Goals:

1) Stop eating processed sugars.
2) Finish reading the book 7
3) Pay more then the minim. on a debt related item- car or student loan
4) Take more pictures this month.
5) Blog 3x a week.

Fitness Goals:
1) Drop 5 pounds.
2) Hydrate 75 ounces of water each day.
3) Try 2 different kinds fuel foods before long runs.
4) Read 1 running book.
5) Finish a 17 mile run.
6) Get rid of this nasty cold! 

What are you goals this month??? Fitness? Personal or otherwise?


sofia said...

ugh, I need to make a list like this big time. congrats on meeting so many goals, stormy! hope all is well with you :)

ps that photo of the dog is SO cute, I want to steal it!

Britt said...

nice goals! I should do that....


I love seeing this blog post of yours every month! Erica