Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Christmas Title w/ 3 Features

Christmas in Apple Ridge - Cindy Woodsmall

 Christmas in Apple Ridge by Cindy Woodsmall is three novels in 1 book. Two of the books have already been previously released in stand alone books and I have already read and reviewed The Christmas Singing.

The first story The Sound of Sleighbells is the story of Beth Hertzler who is unable to let go of her finance who passed away due to an accident. Beth is deeply wounded and is having a difficult time in her mourning. Her aunt operates a local shop in town and has a wonderful artist who carves wood. When she sees a large carving of children play in snow, Beth is drawn into Jonahs work. Does Beth get to meet this mystery man? Is their a chance for a romance to kindle in this story? Does Beth get a happy ending?? Need to read the book!

The second Story is called the Christmas Singing! 

The two main Characters are Mattie in Gideon who grew up as best friends and eventually got engaged to one another. One evening Mattie goes home to surprised Gideon, but is completely suprised herself and finds him with another woman so they end their engagement. Mattie completely broken hearted moves to Ohio to live with her brother and his family. This leads her to opening up a baking store and she becomes very focused on creating a career out of her passion. However, her store catches on fire which forces her to think about moving back home. Returning home, means facing her fears from her past and seeing Gideon again. Will she be able to move forward? or Will it lead her to more heartbreak? 


The third and final story which is brand new is called The Dawn of Christmas. This title is new. This is the story of Sadie who is single and loves her life doing mission work. Her family believes it is time for her to set some roots, meet someone and get married. Sadie is not loving this idea. Levi is a man who has watched too many of his friends get hurt by the women they love. He is not ready to risk his heart to have it ripped away like his friend Andy and watch his son be without his mother. Levi doesn't want to take that kind of a risk..  Will him and Sadie get together or will the two independent spirits clash? The only way to find out, is to read the book! 

Thank you Waterbook for providing a free review copy. I am not compensated to provide a positive review.

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