Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do you do with all them books?

Frequently, people email me and ask " what do you do with all the books you review?"
That is a great question! I do a lot of book reviews and do several for different publishing companies! I am honored and love doing it! It seems like a fair question to me, so let me tell you what I do with them..

First, I keep some books! I don't have room for every single book I review! I would love to keep them all, but I know that I won't simply re- read some of  them again. If I review a book and think it would be a great reference down the road or that I might re-read it again, or that I might need it my social work practices, I keep it.

Second- Often, after I review books, I send them to people I know who might need a lift of encouragement. I try to send books to people that I know fits their personality. It's my way of sending a little CHEER! Who doesn't like a little mail?? The good stuff!

Third- I do book giveaways, although I haven't done one in a while, Sorry!  Maybe soon!!!

Fourth- I donate to our church  Prision Ministry! They collect books to bring to inmates.. Now politically you may have different views about people being in prison and that is okay. My main goal is to help people! Whether you've done something awful or you're a saint, you deserve to be treated like a human and everyone should have the opportunity to read! I donate many of my books to the prisons.. 

I believe inmates should be able to read books from Christian Authors. I believe they should know what is going on in our world. I believe that God does forgive and I believe that he is the only one who can judge them.  I have resources, let me use my resources to help others.

Maybe you have a good organization that you can recommend me donating my books too? Do you do product reviews? Do you keep all the materials or give-them away? What do you do??

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