Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Georgia Family is Whole again

As you may remember, I spent a month in Georgia during the month of July because my Uncle was in Afghanistan and my aunt needed help with her little peaches! 

 Since I have been home, we have skyped several times and it's amazing how quick kids grow up! Well, Friday my Uncle returned home safely! We are so thrilled he is home and I know my Aunt Jill is very relieved to have him home.

 So, I have some cute videos to show you of his return.. This is of the twins spotting daddy and then hugging him! So cute. .It was loud on the base, so you might have to turn up your volume..

This next one will bring tears to your eyes.  Paris is 9 months old! She definately knows who her dad is! So sweet! 

I was so touched by this video! I am so thankful for my Uncles service to our country. I am so glad he is home and thankful he is safe. I know his family missed him and is so proud of him! I am reminded that God is good and that he works all things together for good! So glad you're back in the USA! Thanks for your service!!!

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