Monday, September 3, 2012

September Goals

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are soaking up the last day of Summer!!!

I wanted to start September off right and be more goal driven. With the new demands of a job in a people helping profession, I need to make sure I take care of ME too! 

I have a To Do List a mile long, so I am trying to plow through that with one task at a time. Sometimes it feels like the days come all at once and I am learning to go day by day.. That is all I can do right now..

September Life  Goals:

1)Read this entire stack of books and write blog reviews! Everyday, more books come in the mail! I am not complaining, I would just like to knock out a few reviews, before my next shipment comes at me! I love reviewing products and books! It is a lot of fun!

 2)  Spend more time taking care of myself. Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and Mentally just taking each day as it comes, stop worrying about what I can't finish and being more grateful for what I can accomplish.. I want to love and enjoy the small things in life.. Like a new hair cut!!

3) Spend more time with this crazy guy!! 

4) Setting up a better budget! Getting more out of debt.

5) Spending more time with people and being less concerned about my personal agenda!

September Fitness Goals:

1) Get two long runs in for the month.. Would like to accomplish a 11 mile and 13 mile run! 

2) Try out a Yoga class 

3) Lose 3 pounds

4) Run 3x time a week 

5) Foam roll weekly

I am trying to make my September goals a little more simplistic as the beginning of the school year is always difficult to manage and adjust to a new schedule, new school, new kids and staff...

I have 5 personal goals and 5 fitness goals! What are your goals for the month of September and what is the best way to achieve them?



I am going to borrow almost every single one of those!!! Awesome goals! I love seeing blogs and people's personal monthly goals, it's inspiring! Erica

Krystle said...

Great goals!

My hubby has the standard blue foam roller, his PT recommended it and it really really works for him!

You are looking great by the way!

Sarah said...

Erica, good luck with all of your goals this month, I look forward to reading yours!!

Krystle, I am so glad you're back! I missed you!! Can't wait to hear all that has been going on in your world!!

Jogging on Coffee said...

I think those are all great goals, good luck! I've never set out monthly goals like that but it's definitely something to consider!