Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pink Swag

I had a rough day yesterday.. I am not going to lie.. When I got home, I opened my mailbox to find my pink swag had arrived!!!

I was so excited about it, I threw my Sweat Pink tank on for yoga!  I was disappointed with the Yoga instructor that I had yesterday evening.. I didn't get my breathing right because she kept rushing all the poses.. My Mondays instructor was so awesome! I felt completely relaxed and my breathing was great! I think this yoga is going to help my brain chatter and help my running! Hoping it will help my pace! 

Speaking of running how awesome do my shoes look with those hot pink laces?? They are pretty kicking sweet! It makes me happy to look at my shoes! I love PINK! 

I am stoked to represent SWEAT PINK!

Tuesday on a training run, my husband and I shaved off 5 minutes!!! WAHOO! I am hoping tonight's training run goes similar! This weekend our training run is only 3 miles! I think we might push it to 4 and then next Saturday it jumps to 13 miles..

My husband is thinking about doing the GR half marathon!! This would be his first.. I am so proud of his accomplishments to live a healthy lifestyle!!! He even did Yoga with me last night for the first time..

I love being a runner.. I am stoked for the Disney Marathon.. I am sad our families are not going to be there to support us on our adventure. We understand it's expensive, but why does money have to dictate everything?> ugh!!! 

How many of you are running Disney Marathon?? What are you training for?? Are you a SPA???


Jogging on Coffee said...

I got my SweatPink stuff recently too :) It totally made my day!

Becca said...

Samesies! Stoked and training for every race i can afford.