Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blogging Blues

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to blog about? I am feeling the blogging blues today.  It's Thursday which is super exciting! Friday is upon us and I am excited for the weekend. 

Saturday we have a 13 mile run scheduled! Let me tell you, I am nervous and not looking forward to it.. I've been struggling with the right pair of running shoes, which I think is causing knee inflammation and irritation. I have been icing and wearing my brace. The brace seems to help, but I still think it has to do with the shoes.. I looked this afternoon and didn't find any shoes, but bought something else... Maybe we will give it another shot this weekend.. SIGH..

Although I didn't find running sheos, I bought this cute purple winter running jacket. Here in the mitten, it gets cold and training for Disney World will have challenges due to the weather. This jacket was on clearance for half off.. I couldn't pass it up, especially since the zipper on my other running jacket is on the fritz!!  While at the running store, the employee informed me she is training for the Disney World Marathon! I was stoked to finally find another Michigander running it! 

Also, I have been doing a lot of yoga lately! It is great! My husband and I are taking a class at our local gym. I love how stretched out I feel. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. I have never felt so at peace. It is crazy! I am looking for a great Yoga dvd.. Do you yoga? What DVD recommendations do you have ?

We have also started getting up our fall decorations and Halloween decor.. Next week will be the last week of September! This is one of my favorites! Mickey and Minnie Halloween Pumpkins! So stinking cute!

As we continue to look towards fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.. Ya know how I know??


My favorite SODA is in stock at Meijer and Family Fare! Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash only comes out around Christmas Season.. This year, it has been stocked early! It's the little things people!! I was so excited to see this.. My husband had to gently remind me I didn't need to buy the store out in one trip and that they would continue to stock the shelf until Christmas! 

What is your favorite kind of soda? Do you have any fall races? If you yoga, what dvds do you recommend??


Krystle said...

I started Yoga Wednesday!
I found some streaming videos on YouTube and it's been great!

Anonymous said...

I've been struggling with shoes as well & have my first marathon in a month. Then Disney World as well! So excited! I live in kzoo & am looking forward to some fall & winter running after this past toasty summer!

Britt said...

I just looked for some Cranberry Sierra Mist the other day and it isn't on the shelves here yet!