Friday, September 28, 2012

4 for 1

I've been blogging for two years, but have been getting more hardcore in the past three months.. My blogging has taken on several facets. First, running, second product reviewing   and third, life stuff with a little Disney flare!

I have been so grateful and thankful for the many opportunities I have had while blogging and hope it continues. I love reviewing products, testing stuff out and giving an opinion . I think that is why I went into social work... Love helping people and giving my opinion. 

I've got 4 fantastic books to share with you.. Let me let you in on a secret, i LOVE books! I keep telling my husband we have to expand our apartment or make more book shelves.. At this rate, books will be over taking us! I love it!! It's wonderful!  As I continue to read book, I find it easier to put several reviews in one post.. It saves a lot of time and allows me to draft the post until complete..  As a reader, it gives you a taste of several new books to the market.. I hope you enjoy these new ones!

Confessions of a Control Freak:

How many of us can relate to feeling like we need to be in control of everything or it must be perfect? I know I am the not the only person has has experienced this! 

I could totally identify with this book in several areas. 
1) I care what other people think.
2) I sometimes hold on old faults of other people and I need to forgive.
3) I want things my way (I can't be the only person)
4) I hate asking for help from others.
5) I don't want to let others take control

This book is a great tool to working out your "control freak" ways and to also learn how to manage some of those unhealthy habits. Ultimately, the more I try to control, the more stress I carry and the less I trust God with everything. This is a quick read for sure! The author is very authentic and just lays it out there! I like that! If you are a control freak or have some habits of control, this might be a book you pick up.. Maybe you know someone in your life who could use this book? Christmas gift? 

Gettin Old Ain't for Wimps:

Are you looking for a great laugh? This book is so cute and will make you laugh your butt off. The pictures are so cute! This gift book is full of humor and great wisdom. It makes getting old seem fun!  This book encourages those who are older, to see life as an adventure.  This is the perfect gift for a 50th Anniversary gift or that special grandparent in your life! So cute! I'm gonna give this to my Grandma!

The Hunters Cookbook:

As hunting season is on its way, soon you will find yourself preparing venzen or even a turkey, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner.. Maybe you want to switch up your turkey recipe or you have a hunter in the family, whatever you reason for wanting to try some new recipes, this is your book! 
book title front

This cookbook contains several recipes for deer, fish, pheasant, moose, bear, elk, duck, and turkey. Personally, I love deer, fish, pheasant and turkey.. All of these have to be cooked a certain way before I will eat them. My dad is a big hunter and fisher, so I've always eaten wild game. I am excited to make some of these recipes and share this with my dad. Whether you are a beginner or chef, this book makes it super easy!  It even has several dessert recipes and different sauces.. I am excited to make Annie's Apple Pie! I will post pictures when I make some of these recipes! 

Dr. Dobson's Handbook of Family Advice:

Millions of people have heard of James Dobson, who is best for Family Talk on the radio. He is known for giving sound advice on how to do family. In his latest book, he simplifies several topics that families face and gives advice in 1 page. 

Topics include: boundaries, communication, joy, priories, parenting, motherhood, marriage, emotions, money,grace, health, independence, safety, sibling, compassion and so much more.

This book is not meant to be read cover to cover. You can read it cover to cover, but it is more used as a resource from time to time. This book is great as it it gives a biblical look on many different areas families face today. Overall, this book would be very helpful and would not require you to read a parenting book from cover to cover. Most parents do not have the time to spend hours reading a book. These little 1 minute snip its will help you seek the right answers to solving family problems in a Godly way.

A special thank you to Harvest House for allowing me to review great books! The oponions expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

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