Sunday, September 23, 2012

13.1 DONE!

I'm a little ticked right now at Blogger! It deleted all of the blogs I follow! Um, hello how does that happen and now how do I find all those blogs again??? It's a sad day for this blogger and I such great news to tell you about life... This put a damper on the party.. Well, you may find following your blog again.. WEIRD!!! FRUSTRATING!!

Yesterday, Drew ran his first 13 mile run!! He has officially run a half marathon in training! It is pretty cool! I've always told people if they say "I cant, then you've never tried." People are always full of excuses about why they can't do something, but my husband is living proof of CAN!!! Put your mind to it and your body can do it!!! 

 The weather was a bit chilly and the rain held off.. Thank goodness! I actually broke out my pants and long sleeve shirts for this run.. As I was putting on my running pants, I was thinking "dang, my legs look like those awesome runner legs I've been dreaming about my entire life!" 

When did my legs become so little? I don't know, but I'll take it! Now, to work on the upper half of me! LOL...  Was totally sweating pink on my run yesterday! I can't complain, the weather was great, time not so much, but I wonder if something is going on with my body.. I just don't have the energy I usually do.. I think stress is playing a role on my running.. My body is wearing down. .

This week is going to be crazy insane stressful, but I am going to try and get a few small runs.. Thankgoodness we don't have a long run this weekend. .Hopefully, my body will have recovered and I will be ready for a great long run in two weeks!!!

Last night we went to Art Prize, I am going to post a whole post on it in the coming week, so stay tune...

Finally, I read a book front to cover yesterday evening. I was so tired from the long run, my body just wanted to be lifeless, so reading was the option. 

Denis Hunter just released a book called The trouble with Cowboys, which is her final book in the Big Sky Romance series. This is cute a Christian romance without going overboard
Dylan Taylor is charmer and tries to gain the approval of Annie Wilkerson with his smooth talk.  Annie wants nothing to do with him, especially since he is a cowboy.His horse Braveheart is slowly going blind and he needs the help of Annie. Annie is one of the best horse trainers around. Dylan sees an opportunity to win over Annie. Annie is a writer and needs help with a love column. She agrees to help Dylan with Braveheart if in return, Dylan helps her with the love column, something she knows nothing about.. Do the two get together or is this a recipe for disaster? Did I mention Annie has a boyfriend? This story is bound to get a little messy.. If you want a quick read, check this book out!
Thank you booksneeze for this book. The review is my own and honest oponion.

What did you do this weekend??



Two Runners Travel said...

Yesterday I started my back to backs for my Goofy training. I walked 4 yesterday and ran 13 today. Glad it is done and this week is a bit easier with some shorter runs.

Sarah said...

I can't believe you are doing Goofy! That is nuts! Good luck!!


I'm at my 6 week point to my half marathon and have my first fall 5k this coming Saturday! Erica