Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walking through 1 John

Author, Karol Ladd is know for writing many uplifting books including The power of a Positive Mom, A Woman's Secret for Confident Living and many other books. Her books are always encouraging, inspiring and filled with messages for women. She has a gift to minister to women and does so by writing great books.

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Unfailing Love is book that explores 1st John through helping women identify the truths of Gods love through his joy, strength and comfort in daily living. In our world it is so easy to get distracted by other "loves" that don't fill us, yet we keep seeking them. The more we seek "love" from other places, the more unsatisfied we are, which drives us further into the pursuit and more emptier, lonelier and unsatisfied.    

This book helps women see that they the love they desire will not come from any worldy place, but from the Love of God "Unfailing Love" allows women to understand and explore Gods joy in their daily living. This book helps women embrace the truth of Gods love by being transformed by in his image and seeing ones self the way God sees us. I also loved how this "Unfailing Love" challenged me to see beyond my circumstances and allow my circumstance to not be my center focus in my life. If we could only see beyond our situation, we could see how is working behind the scenes.

As the reader walks through 1st John in this book, she will find how John's picture of God is of light love and life. The reader will see how God gives meaning to their existence, victory to overcome discouraging situations, peace and ultimate hope for difficult challenges in this world. 

I love how honest Karol is about her own struggles. I also enjoy that at the end of each chapter Karol has the reader read a part of 1st John, action steps and then end in prayer which has space for answering questions. 

This book would be a great Bible study for a small group.  It has twelve chapters, which can be broken up into twelve weeks. 

To find out more information about Karol Ladd and her ministry go here!

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