Saturday, August 11, 2012

The little Fire

As mentioned in my last post, the bug was given to my little sister and I am excited for her.. It's great being 16 and having a little white bug! She will love it.. 

My husband is thankful we no longer own it and he can drive a more "manly" car. He drove the bug because it got really good gas mileage. I bought him a new car.. I bought him a car without him being present.. It was the weirdest thing... Imagine buying a car without your significant other? Weird!.

Anyways, here is he his new car... I am going to call her "fire" she doesn't have an official name yet, but we will come up with one..

 He is so happy. It only has 46,000 miles!!
 It's a four door !! Lots of room..

 Drew really loves his new car and he tells me all the time... I hope this car serves us well, get us through many years and I hope Drew enjoys being in a more "manly" car .. :)

The bug was my first car, my second car has been my Vibe and now we have the SunFire.. I love our little Vibe... It is so cute and so fun. .It reminds me a lot of my bug.. 

My beetle will forever be my favorite car, but moving on is good too...

What has been your favorite car??


Erwin Calverley said...

Everything is in its proper place now. The Beetle for your sister, and the Sunfire for your husband. :D This car is very basic. But its small structure doesn’t speak for its capabilities. I’m glad he liked it! :D The Pontiac Sunfire is a beaut, and it runs pretty smoothly too.

Stelle said...

It’s okay to surprise your significant other once in a while, even it means buying a car by yourself! Anyway, it looks like you made a good choice in the Sunfire, as seen through your husband's overwhelming joy! Well, my favorite would be a Mini Cooper! I've been driving one for 2 years now, and everyday still feels like my first time driving it.

-Stelle Courney

Ivo Beutler said...

I only have eyes for one car and that is Mini Cooper! Ever since it came out, I made it sure that I will buy myself one, and after a year of working hard, I finally got it! Driving my Mini Cooper made me a more careful driver because I don’t want it to get it scratched.

-Ivo Beutler

Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

That was really sweet of you! The fact that you went car shopping by yourself and still found a car that your husband went crazy for is amazing. That definitely deserves a round of applause. It not only shows how much you know your husband, but how much research you’ve done for the car as well. Research really does go a long way when it comes to buying cars. Great job!

Leisa Dreps said...

@Ellsworth: No doubt what Sarah did is SWEET! I mean it’s very unusual for a wife to do something like this. I mean it’s usually the husband who’s more concerned on buying a car, right? Well, with the way he smiled on that photo, he really can’t contain his happiness! ;)