Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Bucket List Review

So, I've had big dreams for my summer vacation and to be quite honest, I know I haven't completed all of these on my bucket list, but I am proud of what I have accomplished this summer..

My Summer Bucket list:

1) Register for the Walt Disney World Marathon 
2)Create a new blog look... (I am slowly working on this)
3) Clean out the massive filing cabinet!  Just finished this!
4) Read the 2nd and third book of the Hunger games
5) Organize my Social Skill materials into a functional manner
6) Get halfway through scrapbooking our wedding pictures
7)Finish the rest of "Friends" two more seasons to go
8) Go on a road trip.
9) Get rotators on the vibe.
10) Organize/ pitch scrapbooking materials not being used.
11) Cook some new recipes.
12) Watch the Summer Olympics
13) Hunt for Sea shells
14) Bring sand home from the beach
15) Go to a casino
16) Read my Bible Daily
17) Go stargazing
18) Be in two places at once
19) Take 500 pictures this summer
20) Lose 10 pounds
21) Get a 10 mile long run
22) Visit another state 

I've completed 11/21 on my bucket list. I am proud of those accomplishments.. Although I didnt get through them all, I got some checked off.. Good thing I have a few more days of summer.. Maybe I can get some more crossed off before the end of August is over.. 

What was your favorite accomplishment on your summer bucket list? 

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