Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raw Skin

I've been a runner for quite some time.. I have learned what works and what doesn't. I still feel like I am always on a learning curve and can learn how to do things more efficiently, so I am a bit embarrassed to show you what happened this past weekend on a training run..

If you guessed chaffing, that is what totally happened. I usually wear body glide, but in the excitement of getting out there and wanting to get a training run with the husband, I forgot the glide. I could have totally put in at least another three miles because mentally I wanted to go full force, but I couldn't because of the raw skin that was rubbing on my thighs.. Totally ew, right? Ugh, I was so mad and quite frankly, it HURTS!!! 

Least to say, I am not going to the pool at the Y, I am too embarrssed by the red dots on my legs. This evening I went running and no chaffing happened...Look at how happy I am :)

Because of the chaffing incident, I have been looking at some compression shorts.. Y are they so expensive??? I found these awesome Nike compression shorts, but they are $55!! EW!

 Plus, the husband and I need to buy a pair of running shoes each.. This is going to be an expensive month in running gear.. Plus, I had to the ice the knee this evening... My knee has been bugging me.

 I am looking into wanting to buy a foam roller.. Have you bought a foam roller and which type do you recommend??? I have looked at two different types, but I can't decide which is better...

Body Solid Tools BSTFR36F 36-Inch Foam Roller

This is one I am considering or this other one... Decisions.....

GoFit Massage Bar with Bob Harper Regeneration Training Manual (18-Inch,Green/Black)

Which one have you tried? Have you tried any?

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