Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Catch up!

One thing you might not know about me is....

 I am secretly a Magazine ADDICT! I love reading magazines just as much as books! I get a lot of mine free, but my favorite is Good House Keeping. It is so practical for the single, married or working woman. It has good advice on home, food, fashion, makeup and it offers the best products out there for a woman! I love this magazine! 
I read magazines while working out at the gym or in the car, great way to learn something and pass the time on an elliptical machine.

This week I have gotten in three workouts!

Monday- Elliptical
Tuesday- 3 mile Run
Wednesday- Swimming

I feel very accomplished in my workouts this week, but more than accomplished, I feel healthy. I can see that my body is slowing changing and I am gaining more muscle!  I am starting to feel skinny and I am seeing it in my pictures.. I have lost 5 pounds since the beginning of August! I would say that is a well accomplished goal..

One of my main health goals is to keep working towards Disney Marathon! We are booked, hoping we can get into Art of Animation, but the Little Mermaid section is full.. 
  This weekend our "long" run is 3 miles, but I think we are going to go 5 miles because next week is 12 miles! That is going to be a killer!! 

I applied to be a sweat Pink Ambassador! I would love Pink gear! I would love to inspire others! Hope to here from them soon!!

Hurricane Isaac sure is wrecking havoc with all the rain it is bringing. I know so many people who are just hoping it passes soon! ISAAC leave!!! 

What has been the highlights of your week?


Jogging on Coffee said...

I love magazines too! I only buy Cosmo and Glamour for myself but my mom lends me all of hers too :) I'm so glad you applied to be a SweatPink Ambassador!!

Stephanie said...

God luck getting into AofA! We're booked there for our Nov/Dec trip. I called the very first day our booking window was open! :)

I am a big magazine fan....I love Glamour and stuff like that, but I could read People and Us Weekly all day!! I always buy one at the airport gift shop to take on the plane with me! :)