Monday, August 27, 2012

Mental Break

After having some what of an overwhelming day of information on Thursday, Drew and I decided Friday night, we needed to see a Sunset at Holland State Park! Being near the water and on the beach is calming, it gives you a mental break from life.

Drew and I decided a walk on the Pier would be fun! We saw all kinds of craziness. People were fishing, people in swimsuits, family photos being taken by professional photographers, people just being people! I love it! It was great to see people enjoying the weather before summer comes to an end.

I've been learning a lot about marriage these past couple weeks since being home from Georgia. So often we take our spouse for granted, assume he/she will be there the next morning, but never realize in an instant, life could change without them. I'm learning how blessed I am and trying to remember to be thankful in each moment. I am trying to not compare by what I don't have, remember what I do.

 Maybe you have realized in this world, it is easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you're not enough, don't have enough or don't drive the right stuff, but the truth of the matter is, at the end of the day, STUFF doesn't matter, people do. Comparison is the thief of joy, I am trying to be thankful and joyful where I have been blessed! What are you blessed with?
 As Drew and I continue to wrap our minds around the idea of trying to become debt free, it seems like everyone around us is either getting an easy road out, has paid off their debt, has no debt or isn't concerned with it. It is increasingly hard to be motivated, to do the right thing and not compare ourselves to what others have.

 After spending time in Georgia, I realized I really wanted a family. I have never been the type to say I wanted kids, I love working with kids, but didn't imagine I would want them myself. Obviously my time there,  changed my feelings, while we are not rushing into a family, we are frustrated that we haven't paid more off because life has thrown some twists and turns, we've had to financially manage those. 

I know everything will work in its time, but for now, we are right where we're supposed to
be. I need to be thankful and grateful for what I do have and not what I DON'T have.

How are you being grateful for the simple things?

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