Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Giving Away Gus

Well, Drew and I have been looking to buy a different car for some time, but we didn't want to spend a lot of money because we are trying to become debt free.  A week ago from today, I bought a car, without my husband!!   I will post about the new car coming soon.

Before I show you our new car, I have to tell you about what is going on with my very First car.                    

                                   Gus, the 98 Beetle is being passed on to a new owner...

 The bug and I have been through a lot together. We have been through a Bachelors and  Masters Degree. We have survived a car accident on black ice, a fire  and mom backing into it. 
 Gus has been a fighter and is now getting passed on to a new owner.... I am sad to see him depart after 7 years, but I know that the new owner will treat him well.

My little sister, Rachel is getting her very first car! She is 16 years old and is so excited about  getting a car. She is getting my bug!! ! Drew and I decided to give it to her. After talking with my parents and conversing, they thought it would be great if she could have it. She has to fix a couple of things and get insurance, but soon she will be able to drive it. I can't wait to see how she blings it up!

What was your first car???? How much did you pay???


Rachel(: said...

Oh there will definitely be bling in this car... ;) hahahaha!

Suzy P said...

Oh what a blessing for Rachel! My first car was a white Pontiac LeMans with a spoiler. I actually worked it off by being a nanny for the family that gave it to me!! Oh the memories. :)

Sarah said...

Suzy, that is great! Wait for Saturdays post, I reveal what our new car looks like :)