Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Invisible Thread: Book Review

Looking for a page turner? Want to become engrossed in a book that will change your life? 

Laura Schroff is a extremely remarkable woman with deep strength and an opportunity to change her life and the life of an eleven year-old boy, Maurice. Maurice use to beg for money so he could eat. Laura ignored him initially, but  turned back and offered to take him to Mc. Donalds. Little did she know that their trip to Mc. Donalds would lead to her treating him for the next three years to various restaurants. This weekly event led to a life- changing friendship.

As you continue to read the story, the reader finds out that Maurice and Laura live fairly close to one another, only two blocks away. Maurice lived in a single bedroom welfare apartment with is siblings, mother and grandmother. His father was a drug user and alcoholic. His childhood was nothing but easy. Laura helped bare the burden.

As Laura continued her friendship with Maurice, she took on several roles in helping Maurice. She brought him to her home, provided him meals, gave him a watch so he could get to school on time, encouraged him to learn at school and do his homework, she met with his teacher to make sure Maurice got support from school. She taught him how to make a cake, invited him home for Christmas, gave his gifts, helped him wash his clothes and even gave him food, for his family. She is a very generous and loving individual with a big heart.

I don't want to give you much more on this book because you should read it!! I will say, Laura and Maurice are friends today despite many life obstacles..  He gave a speech at her 50th Birthday Party in 2001.

I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own!

Happy Reading!

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