Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Scent of Rain

Daphne was set to marry her dream man, after leaving a job in Paris she couldn't wait to start her life with him. When she was standing at the alter, she realized he and his family were not coming to the wedding. What was supposed to be the most happiest day of her life, turned into the biggest disaster and disappointment. Immediately she wanted to return to Paris, go back to the perfumery and not even wanting to go to Ohio where her new job and house are.

Upon moving to Ohio, Daphne works at Gilbralater products trying to work on household fragrances, but she just wants to return to Paris. She finds herself losing her scent and questioning what kind of job she would be able to do if she was unable to smell anymore. She recieved a letter from Mark apologizing for leaving her, but Daphane was more upset. She learned that he was in Paris. This book has some interesting twists and turns. I have read other books by Kristin Billerbeck and this isn't my favorite. It's an enjoyable read, not my favorite, but good. I give this a 4/5 stars!

Thank you Booksneeze for allowing me to review this book. I was not compensated for a positive review.

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