Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heated Running

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe we are hear again, already.. The weeks are going by fast here in Georgia. I am on my second week already..  Last week I told you I wasn't getting any runs in, but that has changed since Saturday. I was able to squeeze three runs in this week, including one yesterday!

This run was done in 90 degree weather.. It is hot and humid. I ran for about 60 minutes. I completely missed the street I needed to take, finally I figured where I was at and was able to run back to my Aunt's house.... I was proud of my first run in the 90 degree weather...
Photo: Just ran 60 minutes in humid temps of 85 degrees.. My fingers are all swollen and jacked up from the sodium!! I love the heat, makes the sweat so much well worth the run!

After I braved the 90 degree weather, I thought it wouldn't be so bad to run in 100 degrees, so I gave it a whirl! I love that instantly I started to sweat! You know it's a great workout when you get a good sweat on! I was sweating within 5 minutes! It felt so good!!!

Photo: Just ran in 100 degrees!! Love a great sweat!!!

Finally, I got a good run in yesterday, another 90 degree day!! This is in the morning too.. The sweat is ridiculousness! My hair is drenched.. My neck was so sweaty, it was nasty.. I came inside the house and literally sweat was pouring on the ground! Gross!!! 

Photo: Another run in 93 degree humid weather!! Love all the sweat going on!

 While I have been running, so has my husband! He is also training for the Disney Marathon!!! I cannot wait for us both to train together..  I am not worried about staying completely on schedule for marathon training while I am in Georgia, I know when I get back to Michigan, I will be on my game!!! 

Since yesterday was my wedding anniversary and I was unable to be with my husband, he sent me a care package with the most beautiful card! It touched my heart and made me miss him more! He sent me packages of my favorite Licorice and Salt Water Taffy! I love him and miss him so much! 

What are you doing this summer?

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Jogging on Coffee said...

Wow, congrats on running in that heat, I could not handle it!