Friday, July 13, 2012

Going to CNN

I have not mentioned a ton about my husbands job, but he is a graphic artist for our local T.V. station. He loves his job! He loves the news! He is one of those kinds of nerds who loves a good story. I love that about him. He is an excellent writer too. One of his dreams has always been to go to CNN in Atlanta.  

Well, I was not able to bring him there, but I was able to go myself. I new that if were downtown, that I had to stop there, which is exactly what I did. 

First, this place is armed with major security everywhere. You can't do anything without security. Second, this place has several shops, dining, coffee and of course, the news! 

This building has several floors. You can see all the flags from around the world, which I thought was so great! You cannot get up to other floors, unless you are a worker or are going on a paid tour.

In this picture you can see several office buildings which is where many of the anchors, reporters, editors and other newsy people work. I even wonder if some of these people spend the night. The offices looked huge!  CNN is like it's own mini city! Pretty cool, I think and I don't care much about the news!

You can see the CNN news room, it is so cool!! I would love to go on a tour, but I couldn't do that without Drew. When I was leaving the CNN building, I saw an anchor walk out with security guards and they had his car already pulled up in front of the building! Now I call that service! I didn't recognize the anchor as someone famous, but by his appearance and the major security guards around him, it was pretty clear that he had an important role.

Have you ever met someone famous or been on the news?? What is your claim to fame?


Jogging on Coffee said...

Wow, CNN looks really cool! I've been to a few tapings of Anderson Cooper's talk show in NYC which was amazing! And I saw Regis Philbin at the airport :)

Andrew Storm said...

So cool. We'll have to go there, and NYC, some day :)