Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Swim, ever!

Being with Paris, I have gotten to experience a lot of baby "firsts." It is really hot here in Georgia, the kids love to swim and usually baby Paris does not get to swim. She is usually is taking a nap, but today she woke up while we were swimming.

Perfect opportunity to get her in the cute little swim suit and go for a swim! She is such a doll! 

Isn't she sweet?? She is the best baby I have ever met! So content! Rarely does she cry or fuss. Only a little lately because she is teething, which is normal! I love here!

Look at Ridge and Kennedy. They love to splash and jump in the pool!! They are growing up right before my eyes.. Both twins are potty training and earning jelly beans for going to the bathroom.. Love it!!

 Ridge is the biggest sweetheart you ever did meet.. He is going to be such a southern gentleman someday. He is going to make a great husband. He is so affectionate, sweet, caring and funny.. I love this silly boy!  
Kennedy, oh,  my goodness! She is a fierce little one and isn't going to let the boys push her around some day. She is very assertive, intelligent, fast learner and energetic. Wow, I can't believe how she is so different from the other two! 

It's amazing to see how fast kids can grow. This experience has taught me children are a blessing from God, but I am not quite ready to be a parent myself. Although I have enjoyed my time and feel like I was obedient to God's calling, I am not ready to be full time parent. I am enjoying being married and traveling the world with my husband.
I am not ready to trade a car in for a mini-van and figure out how diaper pales work or push kids in strollers.. 

Great experience, just not quite ready! I give my aunt major props for doing this while her husband is deployed! 

If you remember, say a little prayer for Jill and Dana... She misses him greatly! 

Have a fantastic Saturday!

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So cute and so special!!! Erica