Thursday, July 19, 2012

Disney Marathoning Biggest Loser Style

Last night my husband messaged me and told me that Alison Sweeny, host of the Biggest Loser would be running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon this year! She ran her first marathon this past spring. I read an article about her training, soap opera demands, taping of the biggest loser and her home life. She is a very busy woman, but makes time to run! I was very inspired when I read about her in this article, not only is she drop dead beautiful, but a complete super woman!!!

I am even more excited to run the Disney Marathon!!!! When my husband and I were at Disney World last year, we met Emily Maynard, current bachelorette... It would be so awesome to bump into Alison Sweeney!!! How cool!

Currently the Walt Disney Marathon is 72% full, half marathon 63% and the Goofy challenge at 86%.  This race weekend is full of surprises, excitement and celebrating the 20th Anniversary! I am so excited and feel incredibly blessed to be able to do this!! I am trying to find a cool shirt or costume, if you have ideas, let me know!!! 

My husband and I are well on our training schedules. At the end of this month, I need to be at 5.5 miles and I currently have been running 5.25 miles. With the heat and hills I am running here, when I get home to Michigan, this should be a piece of cake. The weather here is Georgia is crazy ridiculousness humid! I am running crazy hills with traffic that doesn't always care about runner and I have been chased by a Great Dane! I am excited with my progress. It has been nice to take running at a slower pace and I know my body needed a break after RiverBank!

I wanted to tell you about this great book I bought from Amazon about running. This book contains several different recipes on different types of smoothies that our best to fit runners needs. He has done a lot of scientific research and knows the best things our bodies need for recovery, injury, stomach issues, ect. I am super excited to try several of these smoothies. I think that this will make a difference in my marathon training and I wanted to pass this along to you for some advice. I am impressed with this little book and will pass on recipes as I try them!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  Next week Friday, I will be in Michigan! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed here in Georgia! 

What are you best running tips? Have you met a celebrity??? 


Andrew Storm said...

You were chased by a Great Dane???? Yes, that is the one thing I grabbed from your post. :)

Sarah said...

Yes, and a little yappy dog... I am fast woman!