Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrating 50 Years

Drew's Grandparents a.k.a. Granny & Grandpa celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary by going on a cruise in March. 
Can you imagine being married for 50 years?? I think that is so incredible and I feel so blessed to be able to see them celebrate such a wonderful occasion.

 Granny and Grandpa wanted to have a huge celebration at their home in Cadillac, Michigan with their family from California, Tennessee and Michigan. The day I returned home, I had less than 12 hours before I was leaving home, heading up north and celebrate this big occasion.

We took a ton of group family photo's which I am sure you will see soon. We had a huge pig roast and ate a ton of food! We spent the night camping on their property and woke up to a great breakfast! It was a fun weekend.

 Granny showing the grandchildren their picture in front of the wishing well from 10 years ago.. The last time they were all together..

Their new picture by the wishing well for Granny!!

In my new dress with my cute husband! I love a good dress..

 Getting ready for a big roast... Getting ready to eat some pig.

 Enjoying family conversation and getting ready to make smores..

The weather was perfect, everyone enjoyed themselves and the smores were delicious!

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Grandpa and Granny!!! We are so blessed by your marriage, the legacy you leave and for setting the bar so high!!!

If YOU'RE married, how long have you been married?? If not, do you know anyone who is married longer and what are their secrets for a life long marriage???

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