Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching up from Peaches

I am back in the mitten, but I wanted to catch up on a final post from the peach state. I had a great stay and I wanted to share a few re-caps on some memories on made, I don't want to forget these milestones.

 Paris- started crawling, 
- she said "Da Da"for daddy
- she got one tooth in and another on the way.
- we had to lower her crib because she started standing and pulling herself up.
- Paris had her first swim time in the pool

Kennedy- started potty training again.
- She began to use a pull up and even throw her "potty" in the real one.
-She used the big girl potty in public.
-She had less "fits"
-She became much better at sharing with Ridge.
- She is working on staying in the lines when coloring.
-She was much sweeter to Ridge.

Started potty training for the first time
Allowed me to do thing for him.
Gave me hugs and kisses ( he is very clingy to mom)
Becoming more independent
Loved on Paris and made her laugh so much.

We went through three diaper pails.
I stuck my finger in a place I will never do again.
I changed major dirty diapers.
We went through major thunder storms.
Survived long car rides...
Ran in 100% humidity
Found dead cockroaches on my floor

The kids would not pose and look at the camera in one shot, so here are several, which I think are funny! 

How can you not fall in love with these kids? I had the best time and had such a challenging time during various moments, but  I wouldn't trade it for anything. Being a mother is such a blessing and a gift. I am so thankful to have spent a month getting to know them and love on them.. I truly miss them!  They are such a bunch of peaches!!! 

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