Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where does the weekend go?

 Happy Sunday Evening! 

I intended to write several posts this weekend, but things kept coming up, which inhibited my time on the inter-webs and my lack of blogging.. I hate not keeping up, but I have a feeling this is going to get worse as I start my new adventure on Saturday. I am departing the mitten for a month to Macon, Georgia. 

Let me catch ya up on this weekend.

Friday night, Drew and I babysat Connor & Sidney until late Saturday Evening! We had a good time and I took the kids to see the new Disney movie, Brave. It was a good movie. I especially love Merida and her firey red hair! This girl is fierce! Great movie. The kids and I had some good laughs. It was nice and cool in the movie theater too!


Saturday, Connor had a swim party, so we took Sidney to Mc. Donalds, which is kid world is the best and to do some errands. We even had a good trip to the grocery store. In the evening, Sidney had a birthday party, so we took Connor shopping at the mall and then for some Wendys!

We had a great time with the kids. We ended our Saturday evening with a trip to AppleBee's for some half off appetizers!

This morning we went to church where our pastor talked a great deal about tithing and offerings. I found his sermons to be very challenging and inspiring to give more. After church Drew and I took a nice long needed Nap! The nap was great, but we overslept and almost missed our lunch date with Jason & Alica! 

My brother in-law and his fiance just purchased a house! We are so excited for the adventure they are embarking on! We had a great lunch and a good time with their dogs! Molly & Diesel (dogs) are such a pair and are hilarious!  They are good humored dogs!

After we spent the afternoon with Drew's family, we went to go visit Grandma Storm.  She fell Wednesday evening and broke/ fractured her Tibia. She is in a great deal of pain. We had a good time visiting with her. I won't see her for a month, so I am nervous about her health. I pray that she heals, but I also know that her health is declining. I am praying that God will heal her and keep her in good spirits!  

What have you been doing this weekend???


Jogging on Coffee said...

I really want to see Brave, it looks like such a cute movie!

Sarah said...

It was cute! Totally recommend!