Friday, June 1, 2012

Totally MIA, Art of Animation Opens!

I have been  MIA these past couple of days, but for very good reasons....

1) I have two job interviews for SSW in the next week.
2) We have two graduation open-house parties and a retirement party.
3) I have been searching for new cars.
4) I am in the final stretch of school being over- 9.5 days left.

Although I have been busy, I know this is just the beginning of the craziness. June is about to get crazier and busier. Every weekend we have something planned and I am not looking forward to how crazy it is going to be. I hate being away from blogging, but I think the distance between posts is going to get worse. 

Did you know that 2 men vacation at Walt Disney World for 4 years before getting caught w/out paying? It's insane! Check out the story here!! 

Also, the new Art of Animation Resort opened yesterday and looks amazing! I can't wait to swim in the finding Nemo Pool. 

                                           Take a look at some of these pictures!

                                                    The Finding Nemo Pool

                        Did you know that underwater you can hear all the Nemo Friends?

Disney's Art of Animation grand opening

Check out this Youtube Video!!! You can hear the Nemo Friend underwater.. I love Disney!!

Have a great weekend!

Pictures courtesy of inside the magic!

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