Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stronger Self + Giveaway

Happy Hump Day! Half way through the work week! 

I wanted to write to you about something that is near and dear to my heart. I, like many other women have really struggled with weight, body image and shopping. I used to HATE shopping because nothing ever fit me! I hated what the mirror reflected.

 I started running as a way to lose weight, which I did, but more importantly, running gave me a stronger self image. The more I ran, the stronger I felt. The farther I ran, the more inner strength I found. 

One day I found myself on the ground not sure of how I got there. Two months later, I found myself on floor in the shower, two more months after, on the pavement and finally, one evening I hit my head on the bathtub. After a year of testing, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy.Last June upon receiving the diagnosis, I thought my life was going to be spent claiming disability, giving up my drivers license and never running again. Funny how one moment can put your life into perspective. 

The worst had hit, and now I was back to the starting point of hating my body, but battling the demons in my head telling me I would never run again. When the rug is ripped out from you, you revert back to old habits and disoriented thinking. Good thing I wasn't ready to give up and neither was God. I was just beginning to knock on the doors of freedom. 

Each run this past year, was one step closer to freedom. Each mile proved that I was just as strong before Epilepsy. The PR made me believe that Epilepsy is my freedom. I believe that God has healed my body and unfortunately, I needed something tangible to re-affirm that belief. Why are we such doubters? 

Body image is a daily battle for me. Some days are better than others, but for the first time in a long time, I am finding freedom.

I am finding freedom: in not having negative thoughts about my self.
 I am finding freedom: in the dressing room. I can finally fit into a Petite Medium shirt or a Petite Small :)
I am finding freedom: in believing that I am God's child who was fearfully and wonderfully made.
I am finding freedom: in looking at myself in the mirror and realizing that I am okay.
I am finding freedom: in the arms of Christ, who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This month marks one year of being diagnosed with Epilepsy, but in August I will celebrate a year of being seizure FREE and I will be able to apply for life insurance! 

In honor of my own personal freedom from body image issues, I am giving away this awesome, humorous, authentic book, which is titled  "My Big Bottom Blessing- How hating my body led to loving my Life" written by Teasi Cannon.

Ready to go through an adventure of tangled emotions that will leave you feeling full, understood and loved? This book is full of guts and honesty about Teasi who struggled with self-image. It will make you laugh, cry and draw you closer to God.  Women have been lied to for years by the media and Teasi exposes the truth through scripture giving women biblical truths about who they are in Christ. 

In this book Teasi talks about how she felt like she couldn't live life until she lost weight.  She talks about the deep pain that women feel about themselves and how weight or a big nose will affect or keep women from having freedom in their lives. Media  plays a huge role in our lives and we believe the lie,  if we are not thin enough, we are not good enough, which often leads to low self -esteem, depression and many other emotional issues. I love that this book is scripture based, allows room for reflection and has several parts in the book where you can  write down your thoughts. I love that this book allows you to go on a journey.

This book is about spiritual transformation and will help women transform their lives from the inside out. I would recommend this book to women, mothers and counselors or social workers who deal with body image issues, eating disorders, and disoriented thinking. I think this book will bring a lot of freedom in women's lives!

You can download the first chapter here.

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Barb said...

Hi, I would love to win this book you wrote for my daughter, she is in her first year as a Social Worker, she loves her job and she has women clients that live in a house with 6 women each with different issues; addiction, drugs, abuse, to name a few. They live there on a 6 month basis, some stay the full 6 months, some leave after a month or so. Some do come back and try again, but others don't. Sometimes my daughter feels like why am I doing this if they never "get it" and go back to their addiction. I know my daughter would love to read this book. Just the other day I talked to her and she said she was looking for a book about how to help her clients in ways that they will finally say "I never thought about it that way before" (light bulb moment). She really longs for that for these women. Thank you.

Suzy P said...

You know me - I could use this book! :) I love your review of it.

Rachel(: said...

I would love this book. It would be a great to read and maybe see myself in a different way and lift me up, and also give me a few laughs along the way.

Unknown said...
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