Friday, June 8, 2012

Interview #1, Big Announcement

WAHOO! I made it to Friday and I thought this day would never come. This week has been incredibly stressful and I feel very disconnected from the blog world. I don't even know where to begin.  I am so glad it's the weekend and I am ready for a little bit of calmness. 

This week was incredibly stressful for various reasons and I am glad it's over. I had a hard time finding a suit for my interviews, especially being petite and the fact that it's summer. I purchased a suit and then it didn't match my pants. I went back to the store and bought the pants that were supposed to go with the suit, but they didn't match, (different shades of black) so I returned the whole outfit and  found a completely different suit!  Least to say, I was FRUSTRATED!

I found a nice suit jacket with a black dress. It's very professional and nice looking! It only cost $40, which was because I opened a Macy's Credit Card. I hate opening store credit cards and I rarely use them, but I got 20 bucks off and that makes a huge difference. It's not good for your credit either, but I hate spending money on things like this, especially since I know, I won't wear it all that much. I am glad I have it now and it matches a pair of black pants I own. It can be a pant suit set or dress suit set! LOVE IT!

My first interview went really well. I am very excited and hope to have good news next week! Monday, I have another interview, so can you say a little prayer??? These are my dream jobs people! School social worker, all the way!!! 

In case I haven't told ya....

I am going to Georgia for most of July! I am going to spend some time with my Aunt and her kiddo's! I am so excited!! I am thankful to have the worlds best husband, who supports me on this adventure!

 Who wouldn't want to spend time with these cuties??? I can't wait to get on an airplane and experience the culture of Georgia!!! 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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