Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fancy Pants

I have always wanted an IPAD or an Iphone, but they are so expensive, in my opinion. I think it's crazy to have a big phone bill, especially when the money could be going to pay off Student loan debt or going to a place I call Disney World!

I have a fancy pants Digital SLR camera, I have a decent laptop and I have an ipod nano and an ipod square, but I have now joined the ranks with everyone else and I bought an IPOD touch..

I am very excited! I know it is small and simple, but the fact that I can do so much with it, makes me so excited to see how it is going to change things. Finally, I can join instagram, update my twitter and take pictures whenever I want! I am so excited..

My husband has a black ipod touch, so I decided to go with white. This is going to be great when I am in Georgia.... We can message back and forth and use facetime! I am excited!! 

I bought this case, but upon opening it, I realized it is not very durable. I tried putting the case on and the plastic already bent. Least to say, it's going back to Best Buy. Not impressed with the quality, which stinks! It was so cute!

Drew is is in the process of downloading everything and getting me all hooked up! Soon, I will be able to update blogger via IPOD...

Plus, I am going to announce something big this week!

Happy Sunday!

What is your fancy pants technology? 

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