Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fancy Feet

Hope you are all having a great day! I have never been one for shoes. Do you own tons of shoes? What's that like??? I am not much for cute shoes, I usually go for cozy shoes.

This past weekend, I bought 3 pairs of shoes, which is insane for me!

These are my new dressy work shoes.. I love flip flops, but not super professional. These are cute, go with any outfit and were only $25 from Kohls!

Then I found these cute flip flops! So cute and cozy. Only $5 at JcPenny! I love me some good flip flops. I usually toss each pair after the season. They aren't super great for your feet, but they are so stinking cute!

A new pair of running shoes- clearanced for $27 !! I just ran in them this morning. They say to rotate your running shoes, especially for marathon running. I am going to try it. I ran in Saucony for Riverbank, so I thought I might try out this pair! They felt comfortable on this mornings run!

And then I found this cute shirt!

It is a petite Medium! Holy cow! I think I could have gone Petite small, but I wanted to go a little bigger in case it was going to shrink in the washer.. So cute.. I love it... 

What are your favorite shoes??

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Unknown said...

I love shoes! yeah I actually work at a shoe store! Haha and that shirt is very cute!