Monday, June 25, 2012

5 miles, 5 things you need to know

Well, I am gearing for my first ever,  Marathon and it's at the happiest place on Earth, Disney World! Since I am gearing up for this thing, I have several things to tell you. My mind is racing with post ideas, but I gotta keep it simple because I really need to pack for Georgia! 

This morning I ran 5 miles. The mitten tends to be very humid, but this morning was cool with a gentle breeze. Perfect weather for 5 miles.  I did get a great sweat and burned 584 calories :).

As I was running, I was thinking about a couple of things I wanted to tell my runner friends out there that I have been learning & thinking on.

1) Safety is your first priority as a runner. I run very busy streets, in neighborhoods where I know people. One of the things about living in a small community and the areas I run, I know a person or a place I could go to for every half mile I run, if I were in trouble.  Speaking of trouble, this morning on my run, I got a very weird feeling about a man on a bike that was passing me. Usually, I don't really get worried, but something felt funny to me, so I kept my eye on him, turning my back every few seconds, until I was out of the distance. Be vigilant! Be aware! Know your surroundings.
 I always tell my husband the route I am taking and how long I think it will take me to run it.. I usually give him about a 15 minute window in the event that I get tired or am forced to walk.  He knows that if I am not home by the deadline, to jump in the car & start looking for me, which he has never had to do.. Make sure you have a plan and someone knows your plan!

2) Do you have an ipod, ipad, iphone or any other electronic device that allows you to download apps? I found a great one, especially for my friends who are trying to lose weight.... I know I am...  I found this great app called Lose It!  This app allows you to set a goals for weight loss or weight maintenance. Each day you add the food you eat and it tracks the calories. You can add work outs to your plan, which will give you more calories in your food budget.  It will also give you a date of when and if you follow the schedule, when you will be that weight. It is very nice having it on a device that goes everywhere with me! It is a FREE APP too, so check it out!
3) This is brought to you from my Lisa, over at  joggingoncoffee. Have you heard of smartcoach?    Smartcoach is this individualized training plan to help you run any event. You type in your race time, distance and how long you would like to train and it POPS out a schedule for you! How nifty is that? Here I have been doing it the old fashion way with a calendar! Now, I don't have to do much of the guessing work! I may add or take-away work outs, but for the most part, I like this!! 

4) Have you heard of Glucosamine? I had never heard of it until I started having knee pain, which was really joint pain. Taking the supplement, Glucosamine helps prevent cartilage degeneration and treats arthritis. With daily wear and tear on joints, cartilage is going to get damaged, especially with the natural aging process and not to mention, running.  Testing has shown that glucosamine can help reduce the damage to cartilage in the joints and reduce inflammation and pain. I take two of these after every run!


5) What is your inspiration behind running? Why do you run? We all know it isn't the best for our knees and joints. A lot of us get injured, so why do we do it? Are we all just crazy? I have several reasons for running and I am reminded of those reasons on a regular basis. This could be a whole post in itself, (I will post more later this week on this topic) so I will stop and just ask, why do you run?

Why do you run and what are some thing I might not know about running?


The Management said...

A marathon at Disney? Wow, that's way too much awesome. Go you!

Jogging on Coffee said...

Aw thanks for the mention!! I run because actually being a runner feels so much better than just wishing you were one :)

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear how it goes! Haha and I loved these 5 steps! have a great day!

Sarah said...

The management- Thanks for stopping by! Lisa, thanks so much for smart coach.. That has been so helpful!! You're a life saver! Morgan, glad you liked the five things you should know..