Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Under the Weather, River Bank in Jepoardy

I apologize for my lack of availability on the blog world. Monday, I spent two hours in the Urgent Care Facility to find out that I have a viral infection. My lymph nodes are swollen, my throat feels like its on fire and my ears are very painful at times. I was talking with the Doctor and pleading for antibiotics.. 

RiverBank (25k) race is next Saturday (May 12) and I want to run it...I have been training for this race since JANUARY!!!!

The doctor refused to prescribe antibiotics even when I told him how long I had been training and begged for something.. He REFUSED! Alright, I am just going to be real here, how many doctors refuse to prescribe drugs to their patients??? I don't know many, especially since they get a kickback on the meds.... REALLY??? UGH!! 

He told me this viral infection is lasting about two weeks in patients and that with plenty of fluids and rest, it would be gone in no time...

Now, I wait and see... While I be able to run River Bank??? Time will tell the story..

A healthy body is more important than a race, but really?? I've come this far... 


Jogging on Coffee said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry :( Hope you feel better soon and that you're able to run the race!

Krystle said...

So sorry you feel so awful!! Antibiotics are for bacterial that's probably why he wouldn't give you any. REST REST REST! Take Zinc and listen to your body my friend!

Even if you run slow next week, I know you'll do it! :) Praying for you!