Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Mickey, need a car, Pedicures, graduation and faith

          The weekend did not start on a good note, so I am trying to remain positive. We got some bad news about our little bug, Gus. He is driveable for a while, but will not sustain much of a longer life for us. He has been our saving grace in not having to have a second car-payment. I am not thrilled about getting a second car payment, but I think it is what we are going to have to do..  Say goodbye to getting out of debt faster... EW. I hate student loans! 

        If you know anyone getting rid of a car or your grandma is getting rid of hers, let me know. We need something reliable and something that we don't have to throw a lot of money into. I wish we could get away with one car, but that isn't doable when Drew works second shift and I work first on the opposite sides of town.

       Also, I think this means we will not be going to Disney in August. Unless by some miracle, we will be cancelling our trip, which is frustrating. We haven't done anything this past year, we have been slowly saving for this trip, not going anywhere or spending extra money to be able to do this and now we won't be able to go.. I am sad. 

         Since I was in a sour mood yesterday, my sister came over and gave me a pedicure.. She is really good at this stuff.

         We also had a good time scrapbooking and laughing. That helped turn my spirits around. We ate a bunch of junk food too. .I love twizzlers. .They are my go to food when life sucks! 
         This morning I went on a crappy 5 mile run. At least my runs are consistently terrible. My knees hurts and I just don't have the energy to run. I felt like I was training all over again for RB... It wasn't swell. At least I did it and it's one step closer in training for a marathon. 

         Also, Drew's cousin, Matthew graduated from High School this week! I had the honor of being able to attend. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments! 

            Although the end of the week has not shaped into a great weekend, I am trying to remain positive and hopeful that God is in control. If he leads us to it, he is going to lead us through it. Getting angry and frustrated isn't solving anything. Trusting him and having faith is the only thing that will keep my eyes fixed on him!

When has there been a trial in your life and how did you get through?


Whitney Storm said...

Phil 4:13 "I can do anything through Christ who gives me strengh" !

KelseyJ said...

What a great sister you have! :)

I will let you know if I find any great car deals. They are so darn expensive these days!

Can't wait to hang out with you tomorrow! :)

Andrew Storm said...

First - who needs a speedometer anyways?

Second - we're going to find a way to go still on vacation. We've spent too much time and effort planning and saving.

Third - I love you!