Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memory Lane Main Street USA

I have deleted and re-typed this post several times.  The beautiful weather has made me want to be outside more than being stuck on my computer. I think we can all agree with that.. Summer makes us want to be outside more and less at work.. I know I feel that way...

Get ready to be shocked....

I RODE my bike to the Library!!! I know, weird right??? I hate bike riding, but I am trying to be more flexible and open-minded in cross training! It wasn't that bad and I saved gas.

Last night, we went to the YMCA to go in the pool and hot tub. Upon getting in the hot tub, we were KICKED out.. A little girl POOPED in the pool. I can't even being to imagine the embarrassment her mom must have felt. 

Since we got kicked out of the Y, Drew and I went to Best Buy, which led us to watching the Disney World Full House Episode. Don't ask me how this happened...  This led us to watching our Disney World Home video's which are hilarious! We watched "Wishes" and I wanted to fly to Disney World right away!! Do you take videos on your vacations? 

This made me miss Disney and made me excited for our upcoming plans...

Plus, I two big announcements coming to my blog!! Keep your eyes and ears open!!

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