Monday, May 21, 2012

Bike riding? Not for me..

 Seriously, where did the weekend go and how come it's Monday already?  I cannot believe how stinking fast the weekends go!!  Speaking of weekends, let me speed you up on our Saturday bike ride.

My husband is a huge fan of biking. He loves to bike. If it was up to him, we would bike for hours. I, however, am not a biker! I feel like biking is a waste of time and I don't see benefits in biking. I know it's great cross training, blah.. blah.. blah.... I am not a huge fan of the motion nor sitting forward... Biking is just not my THING!

My husband convinced me into a 13.6 mile bike ride, which included ice cream. I will do anything for Ice Cream!!! I can especially tell this past week, I have gained some weight. Usually, I am very good, but I have been eating so unhealthy.. I hate craving bad foods, but last week it was really bad!! How many of you are with me there???

This week I am striving better to eat healthier and stay on my points! I am hoping for a weight loss.
And then we saw this.....
 My heart did a major happy dance.. Does anyone know where these are at????
How was your weekend??

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