Sunday, May 6, 2012

25k on the Fence

Well, I was hoping today I would be able to write to you about a long run, but I can see that isn't going to happen.

In church, my voice became very hoarse and whatever is going on, my body is not healing as quickly as I had planned. My throat continues to be painful at times and my ears are killing.. I still am not sure if I believe this is a viral thing.... Sigh..

Either way, the 25k is on the fence right now. I haven't got a long run in two weeks now, which makes me very nervous. I did run 3 miles earlier this week and that was very painful.  I bought a new pair of shoes, I don't like the idea of running in new shoes that haven't been broke in yet.. 

I bought a pair of Saucony's Pro Grid shoes. They feel very comfortable and very supportive. I can tell a major difference from my old pair.. I am excited to more mileage on these shoes, which hopefully will happen SOON!

For now, 15 mile race hangs in LIMBO...

Keep me in prayers as I anxiously try to make the best decision for my body.. Frustrated for training hard and being so close to not finish..

I will update you on birthday Monday or Tuesday.. I still off celebrating! 
Happy Sunday!

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